Custom Pirate Treasure Map - Birthday

Custom Pirate Treasure Map - Birthday


This custom parchment map makes the perfect birthday gift for a child or adult!

I will work with you to create a design based on important places or moments in your or a loved one's life. We can also create a completely imaginary fantastical world! I will start with sketches based on your ideas and send you updates throughout the artistic process. You can chose as few or as many specific details you want, and I will design custom original art completely unique to you!

The map paper comes from Cypherwheel's Etsy shop: The map can be made any size up to 23" x 23" and is hand distressed to look like an authentic pirate map. The paper can even be rolled to fit into a bottle.

Message me for more options on size, shape, and anything else. The possibilities are endless!

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